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August 18, 2016
I'm curious... does anyone visit this website now that I have discontinued building and selling audio products?
I have two CPU's available for FREE to any postal address in the USA. Both are used but were working peroperly when I did an upgrade.
1. AMD Athlon II (ADX450WFK32GM)
2. AMD Phenom II (HDXB59WFK2DGM)
Please email your name and mailing address and your choice of #1 or #2. I won't send both to the same address!

December 31, 2015
ALL PRODUCT SALES HAVE BEEN DISCONTINUED. Many thanks to all our satisfied customers since 1957!

August 2015
I am no longer making replacement modules for the SuperAxe guitar but I have put together a file (superaxe.zip) with all the needed info to make them. It's a free download but it has no warrantee of any kind and no assumption of liability for its use. If interested, please take a look by clicking here.

March 2015
Ron has a new series of articles in audioXpress magazine on "The Continuing Quest for Realistic Recorded Sound Reproduction." The series began with the December 2014 issue and, so far, twelve "chapters" have been written and submitted for publication. Adobe pdf copies of the first three (others to follow) are now online: Click here. Scroll down to # 44 and click on the topic you want to download.

March 2011
This is an interesting four-page article plublished in the April 2011 issue of The Absolute Sound magazine. I think it describes the most important contribution to music restoration that has happened in many years. And I am amazed by the computer technology employed! Zenph is not a record label but they work with record companies to creat "re-performances" -- there are currently three releases from Sony.
Please click here to download. The article size is about 1 MB.