Last updated: December 2007

WaveLab 5, It appears that version 5 is no longer available having been replaced by version 6 (see below). A Google search failed to find any actual version 5 product. Some of the headings said “5" but were for “6".


WaveLab does not have any built-in restoration tools but it accepts both Direct-X and VST plug-ins. It comes with several VST plug-ins, including DeClicker and DeNoiser. In Options (on the main menu bar) there is a selection: Organize Master Section plug-ins that finds all your Direct-X and VST plug-ins and make an alphabetic order list. From this list you can install up to 8 of them on the main page screen in a box named Effects.

I tried DeClicker on sdemo1 without much success. There is a lot of built-in documentation that tells how to install plug-ins but nothing that I could find on how to set up any of the plug-ins. You can, of course, run any of the Direct-X plug-ins so, to make sure WaveLab was working, I ran the Sony Click and Crackle Remove and it worked just as well as it did in Sound Forge.

Based on my results with VST DeClicker, you might dismiss WaveLab from consideration... except, and this is an important except. If you are interested in recording audio DVDs (DVD-A), WaveLab 5 is an excellent tool. Please see Chapter 9 on Writing to DVD for more on this topic.

Version 6.1 is now available from Steinberg for $ 549.99 or $ 199.99 as an upgrade from version 5. I haven’t made the upgrade and probably won’t although there are some interesting features that would be fun to look at such as their new spectral editing. There is a downloadable Operation Manual but it’s a 12 MB Adobe pdf file which would be a bit of an effort to print. A printed copy is included with the purchased product.

I could not locate any mention of a demo or trial version of 6 on the Steinberg website so apparently you would have to buy it just to take a look. It is interesting that version 6 is priced about $ 150.00 less than version 5. Still, it might be a good buy if you need a platform to run plug-ins.

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