How do I set up my home theater audio system?

Stereo music has been available on LP records since the mid 1950s and on CDs for about 20 years. The technology for reproducing the sound is still changing, but not very fast.

Home Theater is so new that it seems to be changing monthly so this page will start out as a "Home Theater Primer" to help you get acquainted with the technology and all the new terminology. It's only five 8-1/2 x 11 inch pages but it contains a lot of useful information. You can view the Primer on your screen by clicking here.

Or you can download the Primer in Adobe Acrobat (pdf format) by clicking here.

I also suggest that you subscribe to these two magazines. They are both inexpensive (currently ten or twelve dollars per year). I subscribe to both and I find the articles, letters to the editor, and even the ads to be very useful. As I've mentioned, Home Theater is a rapidly changing field.

Sound and Vision
PO Box 55620
Boulder, CO 80323-5620
phone 850-682-7654

Home Theater
PO Box 420590
Palm Coast, FL 32142-9722

There is an interesting and useful article on audio/video connectors and cables in the November 2005 issue of Home Theater magazine. I have scanned it so you can download it for reference. It's an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file and the size is about 1.16 MB. Just click here to start your download.

A wide variety of home theater information that everyone should consider when buying a home theater system is available at:

The February/March 2007 issue of Sound & Vision magazine has a useful article on "How to position your home theater speakers." You can download an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) copy of it by clicking here. Size is about 1.5 MB (2 pages at 600 dpi resolution).

The April/May 2009 issue of Sound & Vision magazine has an interesting article on Streaming ("Gently Down the Stream") by Ken C. Pohlmann. You can download an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) copy by clicking here. Size is about 1.4 MB (5 pages at 600 dpi resolution).

I will be adding more info to this page so please visit it again. Your comments and questions are always welcome!

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