Links to Electronic Component Distributors

(In alphabetical order)

All Electronics Corporation

Over 90 pages of components, AC/DC wall transformers, kits, tools, books, speakers, etc. Many unusual items too (such as a 12 VDC flashing help sign and a guitar hanger!). Credit cards, checks, and money orders. NO COD. No minimum order.


About 100 pages of interesting stuff: instructional videos, kits, books, components, vacuum tubes, meters, lenses, and other "hobbyist haven" items. Credit cards, checks, and money orders accepted. No minimum order.

BG Micro

Not an indepth stock but good prices on what they do carry. Kits, components, unusual optics. Credit cards, checks, and money orders. No minimum order.

DC Electronics (No Web Site)

Components, unusual ICs and kits. Also, all Mouser Electronics catalog items are available too. Call or write for catalog, it's worth having. PO Box 3203, Scottsdale, AZ 85271-3203. (1-800-467-7736) No minimum on prepaid orders.

Digi-Key Corporation

Big (over 1200 pages) catalog - lots of stuff. Five dollar service charge on orders less than $25. Credit cards, checks, and money orders accepted. Online ordering too or use their 800 number (1-800-344-4539).


Offers electronic components especially for speaker builders: inductors, audio and power transformers, caps, resistors, crossover networks and terminal cups. Visit their web site or contact them at 6781 Hopkins Road, Mentor, OH 44060. Phone 440-205-9658 or FAX 440-205-9659.

Electronic Goldmine

Eighty plus pages of really neat stuff! Standard components plus lots of LEDs and displays, relays, coils and inductors, crystals, fiber optics, kits, lenses and prisms. Unusual items and surface mount components too. Credit cards, checks, money orders. NO COD. $10 minimum order. (One of my favorite suppliers.)

Fair Radio Sales Company

Twnety to 30 page flyer several times per year. Components, test equipment, and military surplus. $10 minimum order.

Jameco Electronic Components

Over 130 pages of components, computer cards, cases and enclosures, tools, kits, power supplies, etc. Very competitive prices. They stock some Dallas Semiconductor and Analog Devices ICs too which can be hard to find outside the "big business" distributors. Some data sheets and manuals can be downloaded from . Credit cards, checks, money orders, COD ($5 service charge). $5 processing fee on orders under $25.

JDR Microdevices

Electronic components, computer boards, memory, disk drives, keyboards, etc. Kits, tools, databooks and software too. Credit cards, checks, money orders, and COD. No minimum order.

Marlin P. Jones & Associates, Inc.

One hundred plus pages of components, kits, speakers, power supplies, tools, magnet wire, and other sometimes-hard-to-find items. Credit cards, checks, money orders, COD. $15 minimum order.

Mouser Electronics

Over 1200 pages of components from many manufacturers. No minimum order. You pay shipping. Credit cards, checks, money orders. Excellent stock selection and very competitive prices. A MUST have!

Parts Express

300-plus pages primarily devoted to speaker system building. Raw drivers, enclosure kits, crossover components, books and computer software. Wholesale pricing available if you spend $500 or more per year. They also mail a flyer about every other month with special pricing on a variety of items. VERY useful.


Canadian company specializing in recycling electronic components. They have motors, fans, switches, gears, sensors, cables, resistors and caps and ship flat rate (based on weight) to the US and Canada. All product details are online or give them at call at 506-739-0757.

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