Last Updated: December 2007 (NOTE Reduced price!)


Noise Wizard, version 1.1, $119 to register. Noise Wizard consists of five Direct-X plug-ins which can be installed in Adobe Audition (or one of the Cool Edits), Dart XP Pro, DC Six, DC Seven, Sound Forge, WaveLab or any other audio program accepting Direct-X plug-ins. The five plug-ins are Declicker, Denoiser, Filter Toolbox, Stereo Processor and Band Extrapolation. You can register Noise Wizard or any of the plug-ins separately.

The download file name is noisewizard11.exe, file size is 642 kB.

I used Noise Wizard in Dart XP Pro to evaluate it in cleaning up sdemo1. DeClicker, using the default presets, gave very good results. (The demo version puts a beep in the result file every 5 seconds.) Filter Toolbox using the default presets didn’t do nearly as good a job. I think Noise Wizard would be a good addition to my restoration tools but I probably won’t buy it since I have other software that does as well.

In December 2007 I went to the Noise Wizard website to check version number and price. I found the version number unchanged but the price had been reduced to $59.50 so I licensed a copy. For this price (50% off), it’s worth having in my “tool box”.

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