Links to the Audio magazines we subscribe to.
Some are free to qualified subscribers and some you pay for.
I'm listing the links only because the web sites will give
you a better description of editorial content than I can.
In alphabetical order.

Audio Ideas Guide, Canada, quarterly, $25 USD for 2 years, $35 USD for 4 years.

Audio Media, US, monthly, free to qualified subscribers.

AudioXpress, US, monthly, $34.95 per year.

EQ, US, monthly, check online for subscription rate.

Live Sound International, US, monthly, free to qualified subscribers or $60 per year.

MIX, US, monthly with two issues in January, check online for subscription rate.

REMIX, US, monthly, check online for subscription rate.

Sound & Vision, US, 10 issues per year, $10 per year. .

Stereophile, US, monthly, $12.97 per year.

We don't subscribe to these but you may want to check them out.

Keyboard, US, monthly, $25.95 per year. .

Professional Sound, Canada, monthly, $26.95 USD per year. .

Recording, US, monthly, $19.95 per year.

Sound On Sound, UK, monthly, $60 USD per year for the international version.

Other Audio Sources

Michigan Antique Phonograph Society (MAPS). Membership is $25 per year and an application form can be downloaded from their website. With your membership you get a subscription to their monthly newletter: In The Grove. 60 Central St., Battle Creek, MI 49017.

Links to Electronics Magazines

You pay for a subscription to these!

(In alphabetical order)


Monthly magazine which starting in January 2001 combines Audio Electronics, Speaker Builder and Glass Audio. Audio construction articles, reviews, new product info, and useful ads for components and other resources that may be hard to find else where.

Circuit Cellar

Monthly covering robotics, voice recognition, computer operating systems, device drivers, using different microprocessors, DSPs, and related topics. New product info, useful ads, and a usually thought-provoking editorial by the publisher, Steve Ciarcia.

The Lowdown

The monthly publication of the Longwave Club of America. The best source I've found on low frequency stuff. Info on FCC Part 15 (no license) operation in the 160 to 190 kHz band, construction articles, antennas, software reviews, news, WWVL info, and letters.

Nuts & Volts Magazine

Large size (10.5 by 13 inches) monthly features "How To" articles and tutorials. Regular columns include Stamp Applications, Electronics Q & A, Laser Insight and Amateur Robotics. Classified ads and new product info make this a well-rounded periodical.

Links to Trade Journals

Free to qualified subscribers

(In alphabetical order)

Control Engineering

Monthly covering all aspects of control engineering: feature articles and tutorials, industry news, new product info, and software reviews.

Chilton's ECN (Electronic Component News

Tabloid size monthly with lots of new product info. "Looking for Solutions" is a regular column where you can ask for help locating a component, manual, or whatever. Also feature articles but the oversize format makes them hard to save.


Twice monthly has design articles, industry news, and new product info. In my opinion, the best of the lot!

Electronic Design

Twice monthly useful runner-up to EDN. Design articles, news, new product info, and a regular column by Bob Pease (always interesting!).

Electronic Products

Monthly magazine, mostly new product info and industry news. Some interesting articles too.

Embedded Systems Programming

Monthly with tutorials, "How To" tips, interesting editorials, and new product info. (Programming mostly devoted to C and C++.)

Evaluation Engineering

Monthly covers electronic evaluation and testing with feature articles, news, and product info. Emphasis on EMC and ESD testing and product safety.

GPS World

Monthly with news, "How To" articles, theory articles, and product info for users of the Global Positioning System.

RF Design

Monthly with articles and tutorials on wireless communications, cellular, GPS, oscillator design, analog/digital modulation, power amplifies, filter design, and related subjects. Much more than the name implies!


Monthly journal of applied sensing technology. "How To" articles, news, and product info. Really useful!

Sound & Vibration

Monthly devoted to noise and vibration control, architectural acoustics, and structural analysis. Excellent articles, news, and product info. Basically the only US magazine in this field, I find it very useful.

Test and Measurement World

Monthly on all aspects of testing: electrical, electronic, X-ray, environmental, fixturing, software and more. Helpful "Tips & Techniques." Check this one out!

Wireless Design & Development

Tabloid size monthly devoted to components and subsystems for GPS, cellular phones, and other wireless communications needs.

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