Last updated: December 2007

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 2005, does not seem to be available from Magix as I couldn’t find it on their website. I found a copy at J&R Music World for about $19 plus shipping.

Audio Cleaning Lab (ACL) has a total different user interface from any of the other programs I’ve reviewed here. You start by clicking the Import tab to load an audio file. Then you click the Cleaning tab to get to the noise removal stuff and finally you click the Export tab to save the cleaned file. I worked on sdemo1 for several hours and never could get it to do much.

However, ACL contains an full-featured audio editor (which they call a Music Editor), under Edit on the main menu bar. Under Effects I found Get Noise Sample and Denoiser so I tried this on sdemo1. I selected the first half-second (it’s easier if you Zoom In) and clicked Get Noise Sample. Clear that selection (just click the bar-line) and click Denoiser. The Magix FX Rack is displayed which looks sort of complicated but it’s really rather straightforward. First, click the Pick button under Noise Sample to load the sdemo1 noise sample. Click Play to preview it and finally click OK to do the cleaning. The result was excellent. You can save the cleaned file using File | Export Audio | Wave. (Or you can export to another file type if you want to.)

There is one “gotcha” that is easily changed. The Denoiser defaults to the “destructive” mode, that is, it overwrites your original file. You can change this under Options | Project Properties. Just uncheck “Destructive Wave Edit Mode.”

The Music Editor also supports Direct-X plug-ins.

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 10. This seems to be a completely different product from ACL-2005 You can order the “boxed” version online for $34.99 or the download version for $24.99. I have a boxed version on order and I’ll update this page as soon as I’ve taken at look at it.

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 12. This is the current version and neither of the above versions are available. Price as of 11 Dec 2007 is listed as $29.95 plus $5.00 for shipping for the boxed version.

Since I have version 10, maybe I will get around to taking a look at it. If the user interface is as strange (to me) as version 2005, I don’t think I will spend much time with it.

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