Last updated: December 2007

Groove Mechanic, version 2.5b, $39 to register. The download program runs for 30 days as a demo.

The download file name is groov25B.exe, file size is 1.28 MB.

To clean-up sdemo1, I first selected Repair | Analyze Clicks and Rumble and then Fix Clicks and Thumps. This removed the clicks and pops very well and didn’t add any artifacts. However, it still left the surface hiss. So I selected Repair | Hiss | Get Noise Base at Playback Cursor (the start of the file). Then I selected Repair | Fix Hiss using as the source the file that was produced by Fix Clicks and Thumps. The final result was very good and I would highly recommend this program except DC Millennium is available for just $20 more and it’s a lot more versatile.

As of December 2007, the version number is 2.6 and the price is still $39.

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