Last updated: December 2007

DC Millennium, version 4.83, $59. to register. DC Millennium contains DC-Art version 4.0 which is a “multi-filter” audio restoration tool. The download program works as a demo for 10 days. To continue using it, you can get a unlock code by email from Tracertek or Enhanced Audio (with your credit card or check).



The download file name is DCMillsetup.exe, file size is 3.5 MB.

Using the Dynamic Noise Filter (with default presets) on sdemo1 left quite a lot of crackle and hiss. The Impulse Filter (with default presets in both the HQ Mode and Vinyl LP Mode) also left a lot of crackle and hiss. The Continuous Noise Filter (with default presets) removed the clicks, pops and hiss but added artifacts that sounded like the music was being played underwater. However, the Continuous Noise Filter contains a number (quite a few) of presets which can be selected by name. I tried several of them and had good results with Demo Audio Wavefile De-Noise – so it pays to experiment! The Impulse Filter using the Demo Audio Wavefile De-Click did about as well. All of the filters have a Preview Mode so you can play the file through the filter without making a new file, which saves time. Also, processed files are given a new name so you don’t overwrite your original. DC Millennium is an excellent value, especially so because of its low price.

DC Six, $199 to register. The download program runs as a demo for 30 days. In addition, it will record for only 1 minute and has the file save command disabled.



The download file name is DC6Demo.exe, file size is 7 MB.

DC Six contains the EZ Clean filter with 37 presets so I was pretty sure at least one of them would work for sdemo1. EZ Clean also has a hum removal button that can be set to Off, 60 Hz or 50 Hz. I looked at all the presets and chose EZ Clean (nominal), just as a place to start. With one pass it removed the clicks, pops and surface hiss. Excellent performance!

TracerTek has started on-line and on-site training on using DC Six. In June 2007 they released their first training class on DVD: on the Continuous Noise Filter (CNF). I bought a copy ($19.95 plus shipping) to find out what they had to say and to review it for this restoration page. The video is divided into 15 chapters which can selected for viewing in any order. It starts with an Introduction and proceeds with a complete description of how the filter works and how to adjust the controls. There is quite a bit of repetition and review so it’s useful to a beginner; and I learned a few things too! The narrator mentions at the start that the video was not scripted so there are a few “flubs” but overall the presentation is excellent. The only negative comment I have is the 20 second or so lead-in and lead-out to each chapter seems to make the presentation run a bit slowly. The CNF is probably the most complicated as well as one of the most useful parts of DC Six so this video tutorial is highly recommended to all DC Six users.

DC Seven

TracerTek made DC Seven available at an attractive price in October (2007) so I ordered a copy (requires Windows XP® or VISTA®). I have it installed and there will be a review when I’ve had an opportunity to spend more time with it.

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