Last updated: December 2007

DePopper, version 2.16, $18 to register. The unregistered version is fully functional for 30 days so you can evaluate it.

The download file name is DePopSfx.exe, file size is 1.34 MB.

I ran DePopper on sdemo1.wav with both the Remove Large Clicks and Remove Small Clicks boxes checked and it removed most of the clicks and pops. Then I checked the Remove Hiss box too (using the program defaults) and made a second pass – the file cleaned up very nicely. DePopper is non-destructive as it does not change your original file. It makes a new file and adds _NEW to the original file name. Good results from an $18 program.

As of December (2007) this program is still available for an $18 registration fee. The current version is 2.20. I’ve downloaded the new version but I haven’t determined yet if the registration transfers.

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