Last updated: December 2007

 Adobe Audition, version 1.5, $199 to register. The download demo file expires after 30 days.

The download file name is Audition_1_5_tryout_en.exe, file size is 50 MB. (Takes a while to download it!) Requires Windows2000® or XP®.

Clicking on Effects | Auto Click/Pop Eliminator and using the Heavy Reduction preset removed the clicks and pops from sdemo1 very well but left the surface noise hiss. So I tried Effects | Noise Reduction | Hiss Reduction and used the Standard Hiss Reduction preset on the output file from the clicks and pops eliminator. The resulting file was very clean. Adobe Audition over writes the existing file when you run the new process but there is an “undo” function. It’s also safer to keep a copy of the original file in another folder so you can really undo a step if you want to.

The Adobe Audition screens look very much like Cool Edit which should come as no surprise. I feel very “at home” with it because I’ve used Cool Edit for many years. Adobe took a good product and made it better by adding more useful features. This is a product with a very polished and professional feel.

There is also a version 2 which I have not used. It is still available for sale (download or on CD), just do a web search.

I recently licensed a copy of Adobe Audition version 3 (which requires Windows XP® or VISTA®). It has been installed so you can look forward to a review as soon as I can get to it. Version 3 has some very interesting features such as being able to edit in the frequency domain as well as in the time domain.

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